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The Branch consists of approx. 750 members which is made up mainly from 3 main utility companies, Northern Powergrid, EDF and NPower Meterplus, we do have members in smaller numbers from other companies in the branch which include Scottish & Southern Metering division and other utility contractors such as Murphy’s, the remainder of the Branch membership is made up of retired, sick and unemployed members

The website is here to give members any information or advice they may need and also gives information regarding branch meetings or any issues which may be happening in your workplace, please check regularly to see when the next Quarterly branch meeting is or too find out what is on going in your company.

The website will keep you updated of when the next branch meeting is and will also give you the opportunity to raise any issues you may have.

If any member wishes to ask any questions regarding their workplace or require any more information including some of the great offers the GMB has for its members then please email your Branch Secretary Darren Leyland at or alternatively if you have any problems or queries you can also call the branch secretary on tel 07881585984, we also have a branch Facebook page, please feel free  to check this out at the top of the page and please encourage fellow members and friends to take a look.

Remember the website is for the benefit of all members and to get the very best from it we need to use it daily and encourage all other members to also

Thanks Darren Leyland Branch Secretary Branch N26